Hygienic underpads for pets

  • About product
  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Green coloured internal layer (for pets) prevents getting dirty of underpad
  • Adhesive tape (for pets) prevents displacement of underpad
  • Odor is atractive for pets
  • Absorbent core made of SAP (super-absorbent) and cellulose provides high absorption
  • Customized sizes of underpads (60×60 cm and 60×90 cm) 

Take off underpad from the pack. Lay out with polyethylene film underneath. Throw out into waste container after use.

External layer – soft perforated material;

Cellulose layer responsible for liquid distribution;

Internal layer containing special gel (super absorbent – SAP) and cellulose provides high absorption level and protects from odor penetration;

Polyethylene film protects against liquid penetration

Each batch of manufactured product passes physical, chemical and microbiological tests, which guarantees safety and consistent quality.