Wet wipes in canisters

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We offer wide range of wet wipes in canisters of different applications:

  • rolled wet toilet paper;
  • rolled wet toilet paper for kids;
  • wet wipes for face and hands for kids;
  • for windows and glass surfaces;
  • for toilet cleaning;
  • multi-functional;
  • antibacterial;
  • for footwear and leather goods;
  • for LCD screens;

… and other upon request.

FIBERS: airlaid, crepe, viscose-polyester, viscose, cotton, hydraspun and other

QUANTITY PCS/PACK: 50 – 200 pcs. (depending on type and size of the canister)

LIQUID: Formulation of liquid is being developed by our R&D Department or carried out according to Customer requirements.

Safety of product is confirmed by the following tests:

  • dermatological – extended contact semi-open test (evaluation of skin tolerance to product by single application of the patch and checking  skin reaction after 48 and 72 hours by adult volunteer);
  • application – performed by a dermatologist and/or gynecologist and ophthalmologist (evaluation of skin tolerance at the place of application and testing of application characteristics);
  • microbiological (evaluation of microbiological quality of the product) performed by accredited external laboratory;
  • physical and chemical properties (evaluation of physico-chemical quality of the product) performed by internal laboratory;
  • conservation tests (evaluation of conservation system effectiveness) performed by accredited external laboratory;
  • stability tests (evaluation of product effectiveness within its shelf life) performed by accredited external and/or internal laboratory;
  • safety evaluation of cosmetic product (Safety Assessment)