Cotton pads E-cotton

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  • How to use
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • External layers are made of 100% selected pure cotton of the highest quality, therefore the pads are extremely soft, nice on the touch and effectively cleanse the skin
  • Due to advanced production technology the pads do not delaminate
  • Extremely strong, the pads don’t produce dust and leave no fiber, so they are safe for the eyes area
  • The unique lined structure of the surface is effective for skin cleansing
  • Optimal absorbency and thickness

Open the pack and take off the pad. Use for cleansing of external body parts according to its application.

External layers are made of 100% pure cotton.

Internal layer is made of special mix of cotton and other fibers.

Each batch of manufactured product passes physical, chemical and microbiological tests, which guarantees safety and consistent quality.